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The Art of Failing Commitments and Making A Comeback – Part Two

Home, sweet home.

On Making A Comeback I have started lifting, again. Just last week, in fact. I feel like this time around, I have finally waited until I wanted to go back, instead of my usual guilting myself into going earlier than I want. Now, I think I have finally perfected the “starting over” aspect of making […]

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The Art of Failing Commitments and Making A Comeback – Part One


On Failing Commitments Three weeks ago, I wrote this post. You might remember it and you might also remember my three kickoff posts to my experiments. In these posts, I declared that I was making these proclamations public as to hold myself accountable. Well, this is me kicking myself in the ass for doing so. […]

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Kick Off to Experiment #3: Testing My Body’s Ability to Do One of The Most Basic, Life-Sustaining Functions

stir fry

That is, testing my body’s ability to digest food. I decided to kick off my 30 day experiment of eating fibrous foods (rather – seeing if I have an upper limit/can eat a normal, healthy amount. I have been testing the waters here and there) with a meal that I have been CRAVING for the […]

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