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The Art of Failing Commitments and Making A Comeback – Part One


On Failing Commitments Three weeks ago, I wrote this post. You might remember it and you might also remember my three kickoff posts to my experiments. In these posts, I declared that I was making these proclamations public as to hold myself accountable. Well, this is me kicking myself in the ass for doing so. […]

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Experiment #2 Intro: Not So Supple Kitten…

As you can see from the photos above, I am no where near being able to do the splits, in any direction. I feel the most strain on my adductor, so if anyone has any pointers on particular stretches for adductors, I would be greatly appreciate any advice. Looks like I have A LOT of […]

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A Month of Experiments

As I said in my previous post, I am taking a break from powerlifting. I believe that this break is a good thing for my mental well-being and a good thing for my body. Additionally, taking a break allows me the time and opportunity to try new things. Generally, while training, I avoid making too […]

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