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Nutrition Resources

The Spartan Warrior – If you need help understanding nutrition, calories, macros and micros, then this is your site. The Spartan Warrior has broken the science of nutrition down into easy, bite-size pieces. The Spartan Warrior also has great recipes and exercise information, as well as some great inspiration.

Eat This Much – If you are like me and find meal planning to be a nuisance, then this website is for you. From the Eat This Much website: “Eat This Much automatically creates meal plans with your personalized, nutrition targets, food preferences, and budget, and then sends them to you every week with a grocery list.” This is the most revolutionary, yet necessary, nutrition site I have yet to see. With this site, I am able to plan meals (meals chosen by the site for your meal plan link to recipes) based on my calories and macronutrients, while still abiding by my bizarre diet.

My Fitness Pal – Want to track your calories the good, ol’ way? My Fitness Pal is the easiest food tracker I have used. You can have it pick preset calories and macros for you based on your weight loss or weight gain goals, or you can program your own.

Below are links given provided to me when I was enrolled in the University of California’s Nutrition for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention through Coursera. I thought I would make them available to you. Please note: These are based on the recommended guidelines for the average person. If you are very active, your recommended daily need for carbohydrates, protein, and certain vitamins and minerals may increase.






Meal Planning Guides

Determining Individual Nutrient Needs

Dietary Supplements


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