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Kick Off to Experiment #3: Testing My Body’s Ability to Do One of The Most Basic, Life-Sustaining Functions

That is, testing my body’s ability to digest food.

I decided to kick off my 30 day experiment of eating fibrous foods (rather – seeing if I have an upper limit/can eat a normal, healthy amount. I have been testing the waters here and there) with a meal that I have been CRAVING for the last 4.5 years: stir fry. This dish includes something that the doctor told me that I, under no circumstances, should eat: broccoli.

Although, I have “cheated” on this experiment a few times, already, by getting a head start. I had oatmeal in the pantry and so for the last few days, I have been eating oatmeal every morning. This (the stir fry pictured) was just the first meal made from my grocery shopping trip.

How I am Doing So Far – Alternately TItled: Stop Here If You Do Not Want to Hear About Someone’s Digestive Process

So, I think I am doing pretty alright. I have been getting hungry after I eat the oatmeal. I haven’t been getting full outrageously quickly. However, I am bloated as fuck. I currently look like I am in the second trimester of pregnancy. Now, this isn’t super worrying at this point (although, I probably can’t wear my normal pants) because the bloat is below my stomach. I think this bloat could be one of two reasons (or a mixture of both):

  1. My intestines are not used to this amount of bulk. They haven’t been “exercised,” so to speak, in a long time.
  2. The last time I ate a lot of vegetables, my waist was much bigger. Like, 5 inches bigger. Maybe this amount of bloat is normal for me, but I am not used to it because my stomach used to hide it more. I mean, these days, I can eat, and you can very nearly see the outline of the food. When you have a very short torso, there is very little space for your food to go. So, it goes out. I just used to have a cushion blocking it.

Another reason I am not yet worried (and this is where it becomes TMI). I am having regular bowel movements and the stools are not discolored. Sorry you had to hear that. I have talked about my stools with enough medical professionals that it doesn’t really phase me any more.

Next on the list: baby carrots, spinach turkey burgers, grapes, pluots, and, well, you get the idea. Crossing my fingers and toes!


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